• We are Shanga! The app studio that brought you Walli.


Our mobile app Walli brings you beautiful and unique backgrounds for your phone or tablet, made by great artists from all around the world, carefuly chosen by us, one by one.

Discover fantastics artworks, get to know talented artists and download inspirational wallpapers for your phone or tablet!

We reward artists as part of the revenue share if you are an artist and want to get more details, follow this link: http://bit.ly/joinwalliartists

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Who Are We?

Shanga is an app studio co-founded by Guy Elensky, a former Googler, and Cyril Simon, serial entrepreneur and previously co-founder of StangaOne1, a successful IT development company. Our studio is composed of an international team split between Nantes, France and Sofia, Bulgaria and we are the guys behind the fast growing app, Walli. Our goal is to create useful, high-quality and appealing mobile apps that our users would love using every day.

Meet Our Team

Guy Elensky

Co-founder & Managing Director

Guy is our captain and product expert. Ex-Googler, he likes useful, well designed apps and he is obsessive with the little details that make great products. He is also a killer at Ping Pong. (Seriously!)

Cyril Simon

Co-founder & President

Cyril is the founder & president of StangaOne1 and recently opened the first Co-meeting space in Sofia - Sbar. In his free time, he supervises a cow farm producing 7000 liters of fresh milk per day!

Victor Trenev

Manager Product Development

Victor guides our talented developers to build awesome apps. He also speaks an incredible amount of languages... nobody knows exactly how many!

Marie Elensky

Content Manager

When she doesn't work on our apps content or manage the translations, Marie plans ambitious road trips. She drove across 2 whole continents and survived to Siberia by -30˚C!

Radostina Hristova

Senior Mobile Developper

When she is not developing awesome mobile apps for Shanga, Radostina is reading the National Geographic. She collects all of them since she was a kid!

Vladimir Radenkovic

Senior Mobile Developper

Vladimir is one of our Senior Android developer. He is a passionate anti-iPhone activist who hasn't eaten an Apple since 2007! Also a beard growing enthusiast.

Ivan Enchev

QA Analyst

Each of our apps pass by Ivan for multiple testing. He never misses one bug... Also, he never miss an occasion to play fusball against our fellow developers!

Vladimir Trickovic

Web Developer

Tricko, our web developer, takes very good care of our backend services. In his free time, he loves flying : he is a real RC Quadcopter master!

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If you are an artist and want to know how to apply for Walli, follow this link: http://bit.ly/joinwalliartists